New Air Ambulance Aircraft
  • November 27, 2016
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AMREF Flying Doctors unveiled a new aircraft to strengthen the growing demand of its air evacuation services in the region. The new aircraft joins a fleet of other turbine and jet-engine aircraft used to deliver medical evacuation services regionally and internationally.
AMREF Flying Doctors has invested US$ 2,100,000 in their new Pilatus PC-12 aircraft in line with vision to expand and optimise the aircraft fleet to best serve their needs.

The PC 12 is a turbine engined, high performance, pressurized aircraft able to cruise at 30,000 feet at 240 knots (440 km/hr) while being able to land on short, unprepared air strips.

Flying at higher altitudes typically means avoiding unfavourable weather at lower flight levels, with reduced flight times in a quieter cabin all of which improve response times, patient care and comfort.
The PC-12 has the longest range in the current turbo prop fleet, being able to remain airborne for up to 5 hours without a fuel stop, perfect for covering the East African region and beyond.

The aircraft cabin is spacious and comfortable, accommodating up to nine passengers in passenger configuration. In medevac configuration, the aircraft has a double LifePort Stretcher System that can accommodate two stretcher patients comfortably with one sitting accompanying passenger/patient and two medical personnel. The cargo door at the rear of the cabin makes loading and unloading stretcher patients easier, faster and more comfortable for stretcher patients.

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