AMREF Flying Doctors is the leading provider in Emergency Life Support Skills. The highly trained critical care team with vast experience assures you of highest level of quality training. Our motto is to do what we do best.

We are registered by both Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentist Board (KMPDB) as a CPD provider and National Industrial Training Authority as a government recognized training service provider organization.

AMREF Flying Doctors offers a range of trainings designed to help you meet and realise the various emergency health & safety regulations/requirements. Our trainings are delivered and supported by experienced medical personnel.

For any inquiries and further information, write to [email protected] or call +254 701 147 506 or +254 20 699 2000. Click to view the Training Calendar.

Advanced Cardiac Life Support Course

Advanced Cardiac Life Support

This is a three-day course conducted as per American Heart Association (AHA) guideline. This course equips every clinician with the skills and knowledge needed in any cardiovascular emergency. We focus on the recognition and management of pre Cardiac arrest and cardiac arrest conditions. All our courses are conducted as per the American Heart Association ( […]

Basic Life Support (BLS) Course

Basic Life Support (BLS) Course

This is a one-day course conducted as per American Heart Association (AHA) guideline. This targets all heathcare providers working in and out of hospitals. It is highly recommended to all healthcare providers as this forms the basis of all resuscitation. This includes initiation of a code and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation before the advanced cardiac arrest team […]

Emergency First Aid and Basic Life Support Course

Emergency First Aid and Basic Life Support

This course focuses on the initial First Aid and Basic life skills in case of a sudden illness or accident before the medical team arrives. The course equips every person with lifesaving skills in your work place, homes, schools, or in the streets in case of an emergency. The course is a One-day program, Tailor-made […]

Basic Trauma Life Support (BTLS) Course

Basic Trauma Life Support (BTLS)

This course focuses on Pre Hospital Trauma care. After your basic First Aid Course , BTLS Course will give you more skills and Knowledge needed to save lives when out there in the field. The course is a 2 day program, Tailor-made to address the most common trauma scenarios in your environment. AMREF Flying Doctors […]

Wilderness First Responder Training

Wilderness First Responder Training

This is a comprehensive 4-day training course. This is an advanced first aid course with special emphasis on austere/remote environments where there is no nearby medical support. It targets individuals who, by nature of their work, are more often than not in the wilderness and would be called upon to respond to serious emergencies that […]

Brief Customised Emergency Courses

Brief Customised Courses

We can arrange bespoke training on selected topics in emergency care. Examples include   Snake bites/stings/envenomation The unconscious patient Introduction to Aviation Medicine Infection control General health talks – Diabetes, Hypertension, Gout, etc… For any inquiries and further information, write to  [email protected] or call +254 722 314 239 or +254 20 699 2000

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