AMREF Flying Doctors Acquires Second PC-12 Aircraft
  • June 14, 2017
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AMREF Flying Doctors, a leading provider of medical air evacuation services in Africa, has acquired a second Pilatus PC-12 aircraft in replacement of a Caravan 208.

The new aircraft now joins a fleet of 13 other turbine and jet-engine aircraft in use by AMREF Flying Doctors to deliver medical evacuation services both regionally and internationally.

Recent increase in demand for air ambulance services by the growing number of regional and international clientele necessitated an upgrade of the existing fleet as part of their overall expansion strategy.

The PC12 is a pressurised, turbineengined aircraft with a spacious cabin and a cargo door that makes the loading of patients very easy. It has the much needed short-field capabilitycombined with a longer range than the caravan, operating at the same costs. As the chief pilot of AMREF Flying Doctors puts it: ” The PC12 is a turboprop that flies like a jet”.

The second PC 12 will allow AMREF Flying Doctors to provide their customers with a better service at no added costs and help maintain AMREF Flying Doctors’ competitiveness in the global pre-hospital care arena,

AMREF Flying Doctors has invested US$ 2,100,000 in the new Pilatus PC-12 set to start operations in third quarter of 2017.

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