Arranging for a Medical Evacuation
  • August 1, 2017
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Contact: 24hr Emergency Control Centre at Wilson Airport, Nairobi

  • Contact: 24hr Emergency Control Centre at Wilson Airport, Nairobi
  • Tel: +254 20 699 2222
  • Mobile: +254 (0) 730 811811 / +254 (0) 709 962811
  • Fax:  +254 (0) 20 6000 665
  • Radio Frequencies: HF: 9116kHz LSB / 5796 kHz LSB
  • Call Sign: Foundation Control
  • Email[email protected]

Have this information ready when calling the AMREF Flying Doctors to enable the quickest response and/or medical advice:


1. Your location and contact details, telephone number/radio frequency.
2. Number of patient(s).
3. Name, age and sex of patient(s).
4. Where applicable, state the AMREF Flying Doctors/ Maisha membership number or confirm if a contractual agreement with Flying Doctors exists.
5. Where applicable ensure that patients are in possession of valid travel documents (e.g. passport).

1. General nature of the problem, e.g. car accident, a fever, a collapse, an assault, etc.
2. Time the event occurred or duration of the illness.
3. Is the patient conscious or unconscious?
4. Is the patient breathing?
5. Does the patient have a pulse?
6. Is the patient confused (do they know their name and where they are)?
7. Is the patient in pain and where is the pain?
8. Is the patient bleeding (where are they bleeding and how much)?
9. Is the patient able to walk (with support or without)?
10. Does the patient have any obvious deformities caused by accident or assault (legs, arms, etc)?

Location of the Patient
1. Where is the patient located (e.g. hospital, health centre or lodge, home, at site of accident)?
2. If the patient is in a hospital/health centre, request the medical person in charge to talk to us directly or get a medical report for us (diagnosis, general condition, vital signs, treatment).
3. If the patient is at a lodge, at home or still at the site of the accident, what First Aid treatment has been given (if any) and by whom?

1. Which is the nearest airstrip?
2. What is the condition of the airstrip (tarmac, dirt, grass)? Are there lighting facilities?
3. What is the weather report (rain, heavy cloud, clear sky)?
4. Is transport to the airstrip available?
5. How many people will accompany the patient on the flight?
Flying Doctors can assist in arranging hospital accommodation but are NOT responsible for hospital bills.

A ground ambulance will also be provided by AMREF Flying Doctors in Nairobi and is included in the cost of our response.

Where applicable, the following travel documents must be available for the patient and any accompanying passengers in order to allow international travel:
• Passport
• Visa
• Vaccination certificates
• Proof of adequate health insurance coverage/funds.

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