• November 17, 2021
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It was difficult to foretell what was ahead of the team after the safe evacuation of a patient from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to Brussel, Belgium. The turnaround of events was one that at AMREF Flying Doctors, we would describe as remarkable.

Mission from Addis Ababa to Brussels

AMREF Flying Doctors got a request to evacuate a patient from Addis Ababa, to Brussel. The patient had been hospitalised in Addis Ababa after being diagnosed with COVID-19. His condition deteriorated necessitating repatriation to his native country. After communication with the hospital about the patient’s condition, the medical team decided that it was best to transfer the patient in one of our long-range aircraft.

AMREF Flying Doctors team departed Wilson Airport on Wednesday for Addis Ababa, where they were to pick the patient. The team successfully transferred the patient to Brussels.

Turnaround of events – Mission from Mali to South Africa

As the team was preparing for their departure the next day, they received communication from our operations team about a patient who needed to be evacuated from Bamako, Mali to Lanseria, South Africa for specialised treatment. Our operations obtained all the necessary permits required before activating the flight to South Africa. After a quick turnaround time, the flight was activated and the patient was successfully evacuated for further treatment.

Due to our strong and reliable network on the continent, AMREF Flying Doctors was able to successfully coordinate the logistical needs for transferring the patient across over fifteen nations in various parts of the globe in one night.



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