• December 8, 2021
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AMREF Flying Doctors successfully evacuated a patient from Lamu to Nairobi and then later provided medical escort services from Nairobi to Brussels.

AMREF Flying Doctors provides medical escort services for patients that may not require a full air ambulance but still require medical monitoring while flying commercially.

The mission

AMREF Flying Doctors evacuated a patient from Lamu to Nairobi for advanced medical care. After at least one month in the hospital, the patient required critical care repatriation to his home country in Brussels Belgium. AMREF Flying Doctors was requested to provide medical escort services.

Following the patient’s clearance for medical escort travel, AMREF Flying Doctors paid a follow-up visit to the hospital to ensure that all necessary prerequisites were in place. We then planned and coordinated all travel requirements, including booking a suitable commercial aircraft, purchasing tickets and organizing ground transportation.

Our team offered patient in-flight care throughout the travel to ensure the patient’s well-being. Our unmatched ability to deliver critical care transport on board commercial airplanes.

We were able to provide the patient with greater peace of mind and protection by successfully completing the medical evacuation and repatriation.

AMREF Flying Doctors – Medical Escort Services

While AMREF Flying Doctors (AFD) is Africa’s best-known air ambulance service provider, we also provide medical escort services on commercial flights or on air ambulances, depending on the severity of the patient’s condition.

For long-haul flights, a team of two or more medical escorts may be necessary as part of the medical assistance team, depending on the patients’ condition.

Our escorts are ICU and Emergency medicine-trained specialists who are trained to manage all medical situations and maintain the patients throughout transports. During transportation, the medical escort also coordinates with the receiving medical team, informing them of the patient’s medical conditions and progress so that the continuation of care is maintained.

Additionally, we are a certified provider of medical assistance services, representing a diverse group of International Insurance and Assistance partners from Europe, North America, Asia Pacific and Africa while affiliated with the International Assistance Group (IAG).

AMREF Flying Doctors provides a variety of assistance services on behalf of its partners within the Eastern Africa Region, which forms the network through which these assistance services are extended. The assistance services are majorly medical, logistical and technical solutions that have continued to be provided over a period spanning 65years. Additionally, strong relationships have been built with various service providers in this region, ensuring fairly smooth service delivery for the patients.

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