• January 25, 2022
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AMREF Flying Doctors successfully evacuated patients with gunshot wounds from the coastal part of Kenya to Nairobi for advanced medical care.


In January 2022, AMREF Flying Doctors was called to evacuate patients with gunshot wounds. The patients were reported to have injuries in different parts of the body, while others suffered severe bleeding.


After receiving the requests, our operations team coordinated different logistical measures, such as aircraft to be used and various clearances before the team left Wilson Airport. On the other hand, the medical crew prepared the necessary medical equipment and were ready to evacuate the patients. After stabilization, the patients were then loaded on the aircraft and were transferred to the designated hospitals to receive medical attention.


All patients were evacuated safely and admitted to various hospitals for specialized medical care. Throughout the process, AMREF Flying Doctors was able to provide safe evacuation and high-quality care.

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