Emergency First Aid and Basic Life Support Course
  • March 21, 2019

This course focuses on the initial First Aid and Basic life skills in case of a sudden illness or accident before the medical team arrives.

The course equips every person with lifesaving skills in your work place, homes, schools, or in the streets in case of an emergency.

The course is a One-day program, Tailor-made to address the most common medical/trauma scenarios in your environment.

AMREF Flying Doctors plays a leading role in Pre Hospital Care in the country. That means your trainers are the same people who on a daily basis respond to medical/trauma emergencies giving them a wide range of experience in the management of medical/trauma emergencies in the field.


Target Group:

  • Both Medical and Non-Medical personnel working in the field.
  • Tour Operators
  • Drivers and Tour Guides
  • Companies, NGOs, Banks, Hotels
  • Pilots, Cabin Crew and Ground Crew
  • Schools, Both teachers , Staff and Students
  • Airline operations and Dispatch Crew


Topics Covered:

  • Principles and practice of First aid,
  • Basic Life Support,
  • Breathing and Circulatory Disorders,
  • Foreign Body airway Obstruction,
  • Fractures and Bleeding,
  • Burns,
  • Snake and Insect bites,
  • Mass Casualty Incidence,
  • Other life threatening conditions


For any inquiries and further information, write to  [email protected] or call +254 722 314 239 or +254 20 699 2000

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