AMREF Flying Doctors Award Winner - CEO Bettina Vadera

Twice a winner of the ITIJ Award- Air Ambulance Provider of the Year

AMREF Flying Doctors won the prestigious 2011 and 2014 ITIJ Award- Air Ambulance Provider of the Year respectively. Against all operational/logistical odds and in the international audience of 500+, AMREF Flying Doctors was crowned the winner. In this category, AMREF Flying Doctors was up against major players from Europe, United States, Asia and Africa.

The ITIJ (International Travel Insurance Journal) yearly awards are voted for by over 5,0000 readers of ITIJ and other stakeholders within the international industry, representing the global travel/ medical insurance industry, air ambulance providers, underwriters to assistance companies, and cost containment entities.

This award is the most prestigious award in the industry, providing a benchmark for international air ambulance operators. It is a clear acknowledgement of AMREF Flying Doctors high level of professionalism and global service standards and is a true reflection of the exemplary effort being put in by our highly skilled staff, the immense and unwavering support from our local and international customers, and validation of our nine years of accreditation by EURAMI (European Aero-Medical Institute).

ITIJ Industry Awards
ITIJ Industry Awards


Accreditation from the European Aeromedical Institute – EURAMI.

AMREF Flying Doctor leads the way in Air Rescue in Africa. AMREF Flying Doctor was the first non-European, non-US air rescue provider to receive coveted accreditation from the European Aeromedical Institute – EURAMI.

EURAMI is one of only two organisations in the world that officially assess standards of service provided by air ambulance organisations. After a thorough on-site audit, the reviewers of the EURAMI board approved the level of “Full Accreditation – Special Care to AMREF Flying Doctor. This is the highest level available, confirming the proven capabilities of AMREF Flying Doctor in air transportation of special high-risk patients at high standards. AMREF Flying Doctors accreditation provides evidence that international standards can be achieved on a worldwide level, and adequate medical care in the air rescue field is not restricted to only first world countries. AMREF Flying Doctor demonstrates the ability to operate under difficult circumstances at high standards.

“EURAMI is an organisation of air medical professionals and operators in and outside Europe. It seeks to harmonise quality standards to improve patient care in air medical transport worldwide.

With up to 1000 evacuations annually, 10 percent of which are charitable, AMREF Flying Doctor continues to pave the way for quality patient care in Africa.

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