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  • April 27, 2020
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AMREF Flying Doctors has over the last few week experienced an upsurge of wing-to-wing evacuation Air Ambulance flights since the onset of the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Increased restrictions on commercial flights and logistical complications even for many Air Ambulance service providers has made it difficult for clients to use routine commercial flights and even more difficult for the providers to get permissions for landing or night stops in some counties.

Through wing-to-wing partnerships with other operators, AMREF Flying Doctors has been able to ensure continuity of regional and transcontinental patient transfers long distance transcontinental patient transfers into or out of Africa.

“The rise in travel restrictions has turned long distance patient transfers into logistically complicated exercise” said, Dr. Joseph Lelo, Medical Director at AMREF Flying Doctors. “With the shutdown of many airports around the world and the subsequent denial of crew rest stops and restrictions in effect at multiple government agency levels AMREF Flying Doctors has found it easier to resort more to Wing-to-Wing arrangements”

AMREF Flying Doctors recently successfully completed three such a flight: 1. From Salala to Nairobi with Rega; From Cape town to Athens with ER and Capital, and; From Cape town to Nairobi with ADAC and ER.


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