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Fracture is a term that refers to a partial or complete break of a bone. If the shattered bone pokes through the skin and can be seen, or when a deep incision exposes the bone through the skin, it is called an open or compound fracture. If the bone is shattered but the skin remains intact, it is called a closed or simple fracture. Fractures are often the result of falls, injuries, accidents, or a direct hit or kick to the body.

Medical evacuation process of fractured patient

When the team receives a call seeking an evacuation for a patient who has suffered a fracture, they immediately arrange the essential equipment based on the type of fracture.

For every mission, the AMREF Flying Doctors medical team carry a Thomas Pack, Ventilator, monitor, advanced trauma medical kit, and medications. However, when evacuating a fractured patient, extra equipment such as a vacuum mattress, neck collar, and splints must be transported on board, depending on the type of fracture.

The mission

When the team arrives at the patient’s pickup location, they interact with the patient and examine their condition. However, if need be, the team will stop any bleeding and check for any additional swelling.

After checking the patient, the crew will stabilize and immobilize the injured area before fastening them onto the stretcher. It protects the damaged area, particularly during the evacuation process, preventing additional injury.

AMREF Flying Doctor’s Fleet

AMREF Flying Doctors has invested in five aircraft that have a fully dedicated air ambulance configuration. The fleet ranges from two short-field Pilatus PC 12 turboprop aircraft and three long-range jets – one Cessna Citation Bravo, one Cessna Citation XLS and the lately added Cessna Citation Sovereign 680. Additionally, we operate Advanced Life Support (ALS) Ground Ambulances and a 24-hour Operations and Emergency Control Centre (OECC) at Wilson Airport, Nairobi.

The short-field jets help us run our operations especially within Africa where we are presented with numerous unpaved small remote airstrips. On the other hand, the long-range jets help us run operations on long-distance in and out of Africa. Our fleet of aircraft are pressurized for the comfort and safety of not only the medics and crew but also the patient.

In response to the increasing demand for domestic and international air medical evacuation, we added a long-range medevac capacity of the Cessna Citation Sovereign 680 aircraft to our fully-owned fleet. This jet will help to expand AMREF Flying Doctors’ aviation capability and capacity to support international, long-distance air ambulance operations.

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