Maisha Air Ambulance Scheme is a must have in East Africa

The Importance of Insurance for Locals in East Africa

The word insurance is defined as “a thing providing protection against a possible eventuality” with existing synonyms being “defense, safeguard, security, and precaution” to name just a few. All of these words evoke a feeling of protection, something most people would like to have in their day-to-day lives. While many are (and many would like to be) covered by insurance, it can also have an intimidating association. Oftentimes, services covered by insurance are thought to cost large sums of money. The idea of good insurance coverage becomes something unaffordable and unattainable. When this happens, people start to think that they’ll be fine without coverage… until the unexpected happens and unfortunately, this is no longer the case.

Affordable and Accessible for Residents

There are a good amount of people who could be categorized as upper and middle class living in the East African region that AMREF Flying Doctors covers. Even so, there is less than 4% insurance penetration in the market. We want to make our affordability more transparent to residents and those living long-term in the countries we cover.

Residents and long-term visitors can choose the right annual coverage for their needs. AMREF Flying Doctors Annual Air Ambulance Scheme (Maisha Annual Cover) offers four different levels of coverage (Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum). With every level, an individual will be covered in different countries in the East African region. The Maisha Platinum plan will cover individuals in eight countries — Kenya, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, South Sudan, and Ethiopia.

Coverage From AMREF Flying Doctors

At AMREF Flying Doctors, we believe that if you can afford to be covered, you should be covered. In many existing cases coverage by AMREF Flying Doctors could have saved lives. We would like to you to know how accessible and affordable Maisha Air Ambulance cover is as a means of insurance for you and your loved ones visiting and living in East Africa.

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