• July 25, 2021
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Covid-19 ushered in a new era for the air ambulance industry, as a high number of people sought for air ambulance services, allowing air ambulances to develop and go into new businesses throughout the pandemic. In response to the increasing demand for domestic and international air medical evacuation, AMREF Flying Doctors sort to add the long-range medevac capacity of the Cessna Citation Sovereign 680 aircraft to its fully-owned fleet

“When it came to expanding our aviation capability and capacity to support our international, long-distance air ambulance operations, the Cessna Sovereign was an easy option for AMREF Flying Doctors,” said Mike Black, Chief Operating Officer of AMREF Flying Doctors.

Why Cessna Citation Sovereign C680?

The Cessna Citation Sovereign C680 ambulance jet is a long-range, high-performance ambulance jet. Due to the aircraft’s exceptional range, ambulance flights throughout Africa, to the Middle East, India, a portion of Europe, and Asia, may be undertaken without a stopover, which is extremely beneficial to the patient’s wellbeing. Additionally, if need be, the number of fuel stops is kept to a minimum, ensuring the patient’s safety and comfort.

The aircraft’s long-range and better performance is further aided by the shorter routings enabled by modern avionics. Although on the ground, the auxiliary power unit also provides electrical power for medical equipment and air conditioning.

Secondly, the aircraft’s cabin has been configured beyond the norm, to accommodate several patients and accompanying personnel, as well as numerous pieces of luggage. Additionally, it features motorized patient lifting and loading.  The medical crew can also stand up in the cabin while attending to patients, creating more quiet and serene working conditions.

Thirdly, the aircraft’s capacity for intensive medical care equipment, such as mobile blood gas analysers and external cardiac pacemakers, enables the transportation of critically ill patients to overseas destinations. Additionally, the ambulance aircraft is equipped with a Dräger 5400 transport incubator, which may be used to transfer newborns and infants across continents. The Babylog ventilator linked to the crib offers an adequate oxygen supply to the infant’s delicate lungs.

Who is it intended for?

The aircraft is designed to accommodate the demands of any client who requiring evacuation in the event of a medical emergency, particularly on long-distance flights. AMREF Flying Doctors is committed to providing quality medical evacuation services in its region of operation and its neighbouring area.

Its benefits to the AFD Business

The aircraft, which will begin lifesaving operations in September 2021, will significantly assist AMREF Flying Doctors in fulfilling its mission to provide internationally accredited aeromedical and health assistance services through empowered people, leveraging the latest aviation and medical technology to ensure our patients receive unmatched care.

This jet satisfies the aeromedical industry’s requirement for rapid, long-distance air ambulance travel across a broad geographical area. This enhances AFD’s long-distance evacuation capabilities for international clients and contributes to the company’s overall availability in medical evacuation needs.


About AMREF Flying Doctors

AMREF Flying Doctors is a leading provider in fixed-wing air ambulance operations in Africa, Europe and Asia. Serving the aeromedical transport industry for more than 60 years, AMREF Flying Doctors have been a long time operator of Beechcraft and Cessna fixed-wing aircraft.   AMREF Flying Doctors have a worldwide reach and are based at and operate from Wilson Airport in Nairobi, Kenya.

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