1. Aircraft Ownership

You only control the aircraft you own!

When you call for a medical emergency evacuation, wouldn’t you rather we worry about how to get you, than where to find a suitable aircraft?

2. Aircraft Configuration

Having the aircraft permanently configured with professional stretcher systems and medical equipment, is what makes it an air ambulance.

When others start taking the seats out to put a stretcher in and load equipment, we are already taking off.

3. International Accreditation

International Accreditation provides PROOF OF EXCELLENCE through endorsement by a professional body.

If you need proof of excellence and international standards, we have the European Aeromedical Institute vouching for us through their EURAMI Accreditation.

4. Years of Experience

Where Aviation and Medicine come together, long experience that guarantees Safety is key!

When your life is in danger wouldn’t you want to be in the hands of experienced professionals, rather than experimenting with a startup?

5. Response Time

Speed of response makes all the difference in saving your life. All the above are key to achieving a fast response.

Where others are getting ready, we are already on the way to you!

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