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Wanyonyi’s family appreciation note

Hi AMREF Flying Doctors team,   I would like to express my sincere appreciation for the exceptional support and service offered by your entire AMREF Flying Doctors team in evacuating my father from Webuye to AKUH Nairobi on such a quick notice. You were swift, compassionate and your professionalism at all fronts made a huge difference in my father's medical attention. We as a family very very grateful.   I personally was very touched by the fact that Esther, one of your Emergency Flight Nurses remained reachable even after normal working hours, providing us with updates and answering any questions I may have had while coordinating Bungoma/Webuye and Nairobi; sometimes even when I asked the same thing more than once because my mind was working overtime as a result of my father's incidence.   The doctors and staff aboard the flight managed to detect something that the Bungoma doctors had not figured out regarding the numbness in his hands, and that made a huge difference in the immediate attention he received at AKUH.   Our regards and thanks to the pilot who took off in a tricky environment in the Matulo (Webuye) airstrip when children and the community came onto the airstrip. Apart from the weather that made landing difficult, the community people made his work even more difficult; but he managed to take off safely. As a side note, you may want to consider partnering with the local police in such unmanned airstrips to prevent unexpected fatalities from uneducated and curious locals.   Thank you all so very much. From the bottom of our hearts. You just have one of your biggest supporters as the Wanyonyi family. We will be on boarding ourselves on the Maisha cover as soon as possible.   Regards,   Christine