Dr Joseph Lelo

Dr Joseph Lelo

Medical Director

Dr. Joseph Lelo is the Medical Director at AMREF Flying Doctors. He is a practicing anaesthesiologist and an experienced flight physician, having performed complex and demanding aeromedical patient transfers across the globe.

A graduate of The University of Nairobi’s medical school, he holds a Master of Medicine degree in Anaesthesiology and a Bachelors degree in Medicine and surgery. He has keen clinical interest in extreme physiology as well as health care economics and is an avid outdoorsman.

He is also a certified aviation medical examiner with the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority. He holds certification in pre-hospital care and is a life support instructor certified by the American Heart Association.

Prior to becoming the Medical Director, Dr. Lelo worked as the Chief Medical Officer at AMREF Flying Doctors and at Karen Hospital in Nairobi.

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