David Muito Ndana

“I must thank AMREF for airlifting me to from Kitui to Nairobi. I would like to thank you very much for the fantastic and professional care. The crew was so caring. I’ve been referred to India for surgery on my hip joint. Advice me on the same.
Thank you and God Bless you”

Rashid A.Ibrahim | County Health Coordinator

“There are no words to describe the kind of joy and relief Amref Flying Doctors bring to the lives of many citizens
in East Africa and more so the people of Northern Arid lands in Kenya. The timely interventions of this noble team
in saving life is unique and something worth mentioning in every corridor of humanity. The latest and the most impressive support
this team gave to the people of Mandera was, when they flew and come to Mandera after a formal request by the Medical Superintendent to
assist in the referral of a two weeks old child with omphalocele-type of abdominal wall defect in which the intestines, liver, 
and occasionally other organs remain outside of the abdomen in a sac because of a defect in the development of the muscles of the 
abdominal wall (exomphalos).
It was worrying for both me and the Medical superintendent on how to facilitate referral for this baby from a humble background whose parents were 
honestly desperate and helpless. But with the presence and the promising support from Amref Flying Doctors-Life could be different.
Long life Amref Flying Doctors Service – a Unique service of its own! The entire Kenyan Communities should support the cause for this wonderful team. We appreciate you – AMREF”

Michael Mutinda Kimuyu

“Truly, I liked your evacuation services as they were timely. I was in the heart of kibera in my normal duties when I started experiencing some headache, I thought it was a normal headache and with pain killers all would be well but it was not the case, it persisted for like two hours. 
My colleagues contacted AMREF Flying Doctors and immediately they came to my rescue. I was rushed to Mater hospital where I was admitted and discharged after three days; currently I am back to normalcy courtesy of AMREF Flying Doctors. How I wish everyone could understand the importance and goodness of having a Maisha Cover. I thank AMREF Flying Doctors for their prompt evacuation service.”

Maria Valdez

Dear AMREF Flying Doctors,

I am writing to express my gratitude to AMREF and all of those involved at Flying Doctors who were integral to saving my life last summer. One year ago to the day, Flying Doctors airlifted me from Kilimanjaro, Tanzania to Nairobi, Kenya. My bout with severe malaria is a story unto itself that I would like to one day share with others who may learn from my experience. For the sake of this letter, I would like to highlight the excellent service I received from AMREF Flying Doctors.

I was already critically ill when I arrived to the Kilimanjaro airport. I had called the

Flying Doctors emergency number from my mobile phone, and within a few minutes, there was a plane ready for me at the airport. Once I arrived at the airport, I was expedited through immigration and was escorted by wheelchair to greet the medical team waiting for me on the runway. I hope to personally thank the doctor and the medical team that took care of me on that flight and transported me to the hospital in Nairobi. I will never forget the compassionate care I received from the treating emergency physician.

I have been a member of AMREF Flying Doctors since I first came to Tanzania in 2011, and never did I imagine I would need to use this insurance policy. It was comforting to know that this service was available while living and working in remote areas in East

Africa. After my experience last year, I will be a lifelong member of AMREF, and I believe this insurance is a necessity for anyone traveling to East Africa. I never thought it would happen to me, but when it did, I was fortunate to have Flying Doctors just a phone call away.

Wilson Ikamar

“I used to work for AMREF and actually my new born baby boy developed a complication at Lodwar County and Refererral Hospital in 2014. AMREF Flying doctors came to my rescue and evacuated the baby to KNH who later passed on due to the initial handling at LCRH but on behalf of my family KUDOS to AMREF Flying Doctors initiative.”

Danish Refugee Council, Kenya

“I wanted to extend my deepest appreciation for your care and action yesterday during the stabilization and medivac of a Danish Refugee Council staff member. Your timely arrival and expertise in what you do kept everyone smiling during a tense moment reassured us all that our colleague/friend/relative was In good hands.”

Kipruto Araap Samoei

“Thanks for saving my life, am a police officer based at GSU Reece squad, the elite squad in the police service. I was shot while on duty two bullets to the chest, one bullet exited through the back one bullet got launch in the spine paralyzing me from T10 below. I bled for more than three hours before being rescued by AMREF Flying Doctors to Nairobi hospital where I received help. Thank you AMREF Flying Doctors and thanks again. You saved my precious life. Am back to my work as a law enforcement officer. Though can’t walk steadily but I thank God and AMREF Flying Doctors.”

Langata Link, Kenya

“I just wanted to thank you and your team so much for such an efficient organization and how easy you make a difficult situation seem quite OK. The whole experience getting Ben back from Nanyuki to the doors of Nairobi Hospital where Dr Saio was waiting for him, was amazing and I truly thank you all.”

Joseph Gichira

“I would like to thank AMREF Flying Doctors Crew for the care and attention that I received from them following an accident that I was involved in. The speed and all the assistance that all your emergency team provided to me, and all the amazing medical care while being airlifted to Nairobi helped to save my life and I am now recovering at home following a stay in hospital.”

The Chadwick Family

You may remember that your flying doctor team rescued my wife Jill and took her from Kasese Airstrip in Uganda to the Aga Khan Hospital in Nairobi. We cannot thank you enough for all the care you took of her, especially as she had been without any real medical treatment for around 48 hours and was in some considerable pain during that time.”

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