• April 11, 2019

Dear AMREF Flying Doctors,

I am writing to express my gratitude to AMREF and all of those involved at Flying Doctors who were integral to saving my life last summer. One year ago to the day, Flying Doctors airlifted me from Kilimanjaro, Tanzania to Nairobi, Kenya. My bout with severe malaria is a story unto itself that I would like to one day share with others who may learn from my experience. For the sake of this letter, I would like to highlight the excellent service I received from AMREF Flying Doctors.

I was already critically ill when I arrived to the Kilimanjaro airport. I had called the

Flying Doctors emergency number from my mobile phone, and within a few minutes, there was a plane ready for me at the airport. Once I arrived at the airport, I was expedited through immigration and was escorted by wheelchair to greet the medical team waiting for me on the runway. I hope to personally thank the doctor and the medical team that took care of me on that flight and transported me to the hospital in Nairobi. I will never forget the compassionate care I received from the treating emergency physician.

I have been a member of AMREF Flying Doctors since I first came to Tanzania in 2011, and never did I imagine I would need to use this insurance policy. It was comforting to know that this service was available while living and working in remote areas in East

Africa. After my experience last year, I will be a lifelong member of AMREF, and I believe this insurance is a necessity for anyone traveling to East Africa. I never thought it would happen to me, but when it did, I was fortunate to have Flying Doctors just a phone call away.

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