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Maisha Annual Cover


Maisha is an Air Ambulance Scheme from AMREF Flying Doctors aimed at providing quality and affordable medical evacuation services throughout the Eastern Africa region.


The cover targets individuals, families, groups, and corporate annual subscribers.


Maisha offers four different levels of cover.

Maisha Annual

MaishaBronze (USD)Silver (USD)Gold (USD)Platinum (USD)
Rates per person per year304955110

Maisha Tourist Cover


Maisha Tourist scheme is aimed at providing quality and affordable Air Ambulance evacuation services throughout the East Africa region, including: Kenya, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Ethiopia, and South Sudan.


Maisha Tourist targets individual and small group travellers who do not want a 12 month cover (Annual Cover) but prefers a shorter period cover that runs for 30days.


It’s important to understand that this coverage is not medical coverage. Instead, it is coverage for medically necessary transportation.


Some of the benefits of AMREF Flying Doctors Maisha Tourist cover include:


  1. Two evacuation flights per subscription period
  2. Direct access to our 24 Hour Control Centre for medical advice
  3. Direct access to the air ambulance provider, no third party


Maisha Tourist offers three different levels of cover:

  1. Maisha Tourist Silver – covers Kenya, Tanzania, & Zanzibar
  2. Maisha Tourist Gold – covers Kenya, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Uganda, Rwanda, & Burundi
  3. Maisha Tourist Platinum – covers Kenya, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Ethiopia, & South Sudan

Maisha Tourist

Rates per personUSD 16USD 24USD 110

Tourist Scheme B Cover


Tourist Scheme B cover is a Low Cost Evacuation cover designed for Tour & Safari Operators to enable them to cover their clients during their visit to East Africa.


This “low cost cover” is underwritten on the premise that your clients have an international health / travel insurance in place when they come to East Africa; however, this is by no means a requirement to enroll your clients with us. In the event of an incident, AMREF Flying Doctors will respond swiftly and without delay.


Details of the insurance cover will be obtained at that time to enable us to work directly with the client’s overseas insurance company.


Following a contractual arrangement between the Operator and AMREF Flying Doctors, registration will be via an Excel spreadsheet provided by us. We need the FULL client names along with the dates of arrival and departure. Clients MUST be registered before arrival, and an invoice will be issued by AMREF Flying Doctors to the Tour Operator at the end of the month.


A simple telephone call to our 24 Hour Emergency Control Centre will enable us to confirm if the client has been registered on our database.