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–Margaret Lavers, Kenya

Dear AMREF Flying Doctors, I would like to thank you very much for the fantastic care after my unfortunate and rather dramatic fall from the horse in Sosian on Sunday. Within three hours of my fall AMREF Flying Doctors were ready to airlift me from Sosian to the Nairobi hospital. The calmness and efficiency with which everything was arranged to get me the best possible medical care, and my family safely in a hotel, has meant that I have not needed to have surgery. At this stage my arm / shoulder has been immobilized in a sling. The break is clean and hopefully will re-knit over the next 6 to 8 weeks. I shall have an x ray next week to assess the progress. Please can you forward my thanks to the pilot and the Doctor. They were both extremely professional and caring not only about me but also about my family. In particular please let the doctor know that the surgeon commented that the excellent medical management and immobilization of my arm by AMREF Flying Doctors was the reason that the fracture remained clean and that I did not need surgery. Thank you for offering such a first class service. –Margaret Lavers, Kenya