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inönü üniversitesi taban puanları malatya araç kiralama epoksi

-David Mutio Kitui

“2 days after evacuation while still admitted at the Agha khan hospital, AMREF called me to inquire on my progress. This means that the evacuation cover is more than just evacuation. At AMREF Flying Doctors, there is love for humanity. Super customer care, super air crew, and super state of the art ground and air ambulance with a super driver and pilots. The air evacuation team was prompt. They were in Kitui airstrip 35 minutes after making that distress call. I was in very bad pain. The crew was so caring, polite and professional. A ground ambulance was ready to receive me at Wilson and in a few minutes, I was handed over to Aga Khan medical staff. This is a cover everyone should have and I am making fast arrangements to pay for my kids and parents. Any medical emergency should be directed to AMREF Flying Doctors. Thank you AMREF Flying Doctors and God Bless AMREF and all AMREF staff.” -David Mutio Kitui