Dr Terry Martin

Terry Martin is a Consultant in Intensive Care Medicine and Anaesthesia and has a strong background in Emergency Medicine, Aerospace Physiology and Pre-hospital Care. Terry is also a helicopter pilot and, although he has many academic interests, his passion is the safe and efficient resuscitation, optimisation and transport of patients by air. He has published textbooks, academic papers and video journals widely around the world and has been involved in teaching and examining health care professionals at Universities in the UK, New Zealand and Canada. Terry has worked in civilian and military aeromedical organisations and in systems using both helicopters and fixed wing aircraft. He has also successfully helped to set up new air ambulance organisations in the UK, New Zealand and the Middle East.

By virtue of development of an extensive suite of aeromedical training packages regarded as the ‘gold standard’ around the world, Terry is considered to be an ‘expert’ in the field, and is often called upon to speak at conferences, advise working parties and publish ‘expert advice’ in aeromedical journals. He has received many accolades and awards for his work including a Fellowship of the UK’s Royal Aeronautical Society for lifetime achievements in aviation medicine and aeromedical transport. Terry is delighted to be able to share his experience and knowledge with AMREF Flying Doctors.

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