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Working as an emergency Physician – Jill Selfridge

Sometime in 2016 while at the Lewa wildlife conservancy, we received a distress call about a traffic accident in Meru and were tasked with evacuating…

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Arranging an Aero-medical Evacuation

Arranging for a Medical Evacuation

Contact: 24hr Emergency Control Centre at Wilson Airport, Nairobi • Tel: +254 20 6992299 / 6992000 / 3315454 / 3315455 / 6002492 • Mobile: +…

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My Journey at AMREF Flying Doctors

The first time I heard of AMREF was as a student nurse whilst visiting a relative who worked in the small Library at KCO at…

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why superb medical evacuation cover

Why Maisha Air Ambulance cover is necessary when travelling in East Africa

Why Superb Medical Coverage is Necessary When You Travel Abroad The thing about emergencies is that you can never predict when one is going to…

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Maisha Air ambulance Scheme is a must have cover in East Africa_

Maisha Air Ambulance Scheme is a must have in East Africa

The Importance of Insurance for Locals in East Africa The word insurance is defined as “a thing providing protection against a possible eventuality” with existing…

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peace of mind from the skies

Peace of Mind From The Skies

Peace of Mind From The Skies AMREF Flying Doctors have been doing amazing things for years. Being able to provide people with an incredible air…

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Adventures of a flying Doctor is Africa

I pushed open the door of our twin-prop Kingair and stepped out into the heat. Dadaab was smoldering in the midday sun and the open,…

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A holiday and My first day with AMREF Flying Doctors

It was great to finally return to East Africa after months of hammering the locum shifts. I’m here in Kenya for 10 weeks, primarily to…

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