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Assistance Services

We provide medical and logistical assistance locally to international insurance and assistance organizations. This can range from the follow up of medical reports for in-hospital patients, assessment of hospital bills, provision of transport for patients or relatives, booking hotel accommodation or air tickets, to the actual guarantee of medical or other case related expenses. Furthermore, we assess medical facilities on request and advise insurance companies when medical evacuation or repatriation for their clients is recommended. These services are provided against a handling fee and are only rendered to clients with whom we have signed a Service Provider Agreement.

Assistance services can include the following:

Funeral Assistance

We can arrange a local coroner/undertaker to organize a funeral (burial or cremation), including the arrangement of necessary documents. Special arrangements linked to the religion/cultural background can be organized where possible.

Repatriation of Human Remains

We make all necessary arrangements for the transport of human remains. This includes obtaining official documents, preparation of the body and coffin for transport, and delivery to the airport.

Emergency Returns

We make flight and taxi arrangements to the airport in case the beneficiary/patient has to return to his/her home country due to an unforeseen event.


We arrange hotel accommodation for patients in case of an unforeseen emergency such as an accident, illness, death, or crime. The same can be arranged for the patient after discharge from hospital or for the patient’s relatives.

Assistance with lost or stolen documents or luggage

We can assist the beneficiary/patient with arrangements of local police formalities and renewal or replacement of documents.

Cash Advance

We can pay money to a beneficiary/patient in case of an unforeseen event such as an accident, illness, death, or crime. This is only available through contract.

Hospital Guarantee

We guarantee payment of hospital charges and other medical expenses in East Africa and neighboring countries. This is only available through contract.