Tourist Scheme B

Tour & Safari Operators can cover their clients

Tourist Scheme B, from AMREF Flying Doctors, is a low-cost plan designed for tour and safari operators, hotels and lodges to enable them to cover their clients in case of a medical emergency, during their stay within East Africa. A subscription to the Tourist scheme B plan guarantees our quick response to any form of medical emergencies.

Benefits of Tourist Scheme B

1. Access to our 24hr Medical Helpline anytime from anywhere for medical advice.
2. Unlimited evacuation flights during the subscription period.
3. Unlimited Ground Ambulance services.
4. Direct contact with AMREF Flying Doctors and the medical professional – third party involved.

N/B: It’s important to understand this is not a cover but a registration to guarantee response in case of an emergency.

Below are the applicable rates, depending on the scope/region:

Countries covered


Kenya, Tanzania & Zanzibar


Kenya, Tanzania, Zanzibar,Uganda, Rwanda & Burundi


Kenya, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, South Sudan & Ethiopia

Rates per person (US$) KATO/TATO
















Registration Procedure


Details of the insurance cover will be obtained at that time to enable us to work directly with the client’s overseas insurance company.

Following a contractual arrangement between the Operator and AMREF Flying Doctors, registration will be via an Excel spreadsheet provided by us. We need the FULL client names along with the dates of arrival and departure. Clients MUST be registered before arrival, and an invoice will be issued by AMREF Flying Doctors to the Tour Operator at the end of the month.

A simple telephone call to our 24 Hour Emergency Control Centre will enable us to confirm if the client has been registered on our database.

24 Hour Emergency Control Centre

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+254 (0) 206 992000

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