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–Rashid A.Ibrahim |County Healt, Kenya

"There are no words to describe the kind of joy and relief AMREF Flying Doctors bring to the lives of many citizens in East Africa and more so the people of Northern Arid lands in Kenya. The timely interventions of this noble team in saving life is unique and something worth mentioning in every corridor of humanity. The latest and the most impressive support this team gave to the people of Mandera was, when they flew and come to Mandera after a formal request by the Medical Superintendent to assist in the referral of a two weeks old child with omphalocele-type of abdominal wall defect in which the intestines, liver, and occasionally other organs remain outside of the abdomen in a sac because of a defect in the development of the muscles of the abdominal wall (exomphalos).  It was worrying for both me and the Medical superintendent on how to facilitate referral for this baby from a humble background whose parents were honestly desperate and helpless. But with the presence and the promising support from AMREF Flying Doctors-Life could be different. Long life AMREF Flying Doctors Service - a Unique service of its own! The entire Kenyan Communities should support the cause for this wonderful team. We appreciate you - AMREF Flying Doctors" –Rashid A.Ibrahim |County Healt, Kenya