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Medical Services

Services we provide include:

  Medical Escort

We have a medical escort service you can rely on with safe and cost-effective options. We provide experienced English speaking doctors and nurses to accompany patients on commercial airlines. Here are some of the highlights of our medical escort service:

  • Arranging medical approval from the airline.
  • Meeting the patient and providing assistance at the airport, including wheelchairs and other equipment as required.
  • Providing assistance with transport and other logistics should the medical escort team arrive from another country.
  • Informing the hospital/doctor/patient/family of the medical arrangements.

If you would like to learn more about our medical escort service, please contact us today.

  Tel: 020 699 2000, 699 2299, 6000 090, 315 454/5, 6002 492
Mobile +254 733 639 088, 722 314 239, 736 359362


  Medical Stand-by

If you are holding an event that requires medical standby services, we offer medical coverage by ground ambulance, helicopter, or fixed wing aircraft. For example, such an event could be a typical Kenyan sporting event like the famous Lewa Downs Safaricom marathon, Safari Rally, and the regular horse shows in Nairobi or upcountry.

Our experienced medical team and our ground ambulance, helicopter, or fixed wing aircraft can accommodate any situation you can bring to us.  We believe our quality, capability, and capacity makes us the only choice for your next event in Kenya!


Booking must be done 14 days prior to the scheduled event. In the event that 14 days notice is not given, we can do our best to accommodate your request. Cancellation must be done at least 7 days prior to the event by either emailing or making a call to our office.

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  Ground Ambulance Transfer

Our ground ambulances provide our clients with fully integrated patient transportation solutions. We ensure reliability and better patient outcomes. Our reputation for on-time performance and reliable service has earned us preferred provider status from many organisations and people.

  Medical Dispatch

We arrange medicine or substitute medicine for a patient. Medicine will be collected and delivered by us, including the issuing of prescriptions as required. This service is only available in Nairobi. However as AMREF Flying Doctors, we will endeavour to provide assistance to patients in other locations.

  Medical Advice

Through our 24-hour Emergency Control Center at Wilson Airport, Nairobi, we employ a highly qualified medical staff to provide emergency medical advice.