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Air Ambulance Services

We are one of the leading providers of safe and professional aero-medical transportation. We provide medical evacuations for patients in serious medical conditions using both air and ground ambulances.

When it comes to air ambulance transportation, experience matters. Our pilots and medical professionals are highly skilled and trained.

Our medical teams are certified in specialized areas such as critical care, trauma, neonatal, pediatric and adult intensive care transports, and at-risk patients. They also adhere to the procedures of the medical flight industry.

Our air ambulances are fitted with life saving equipment to respond to medical emergencies, including intensive care cases.

The type of equipment carried on a flight is dictated by the patient’s medical condition.

The Standard Equipment carried on a flight includes the following:

  • Life port stretchers fitted with full oxygen cylinders
  • Thomas pack which includes the following:
    • Airway, Breathing, and difficult intubation apparatus
    • Chest drainage equipment with Heimlich Valves
    • Current Advanced Life Support Medications, Antibiotics
    • Intravenous Fluids(Crystalloids, colloids)
    • Intravenous and Intraosseous cannulae
    • Thermal blanket
    • Diagnostic Tools (Stethoscope, Spotlight, Thermometer)
  • Cardiac Monitors/ Defibrillators (Zoll M, X and E series) with the capacity to provide 12 lead ECG and Hemodynamic monitoring
  • Hand held Pulse Oximeters
  • Respiratory Ventilators dictated by the medical case with additional back up (Oxylog Series, Medumatt Life Base, HamiltonT1)
  • Bedside Laboratory equipment (I-Stat Blood gas analyzers and Portable Glucometer)
  • Extrication & Immobilization gear (Full body and limb splints, Scoop Stretcher & harness)
  • Syringe Pumps (B Braun)
  • Laerdal Suction Units
  • Portable Oxygen Cylinders
  • Cool boxes (WHO approved for maintenance of cold chain)
  • Torches, Headlamps

Our aim is to provide the best care for our patients as you would your loved one, because every customer is special to us. Since 1957, we are proud to report successessful and satisfactory service ratings from our customers.